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Earth Day 2017 in France and the USA

Long but well worth reading and contemplating!

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Today on Earth Day 2017 it’s hard to believe it was just one year ago today (April 22, 2016) that the world celebrated 195 nations signing of theParis Accord on climate change.

Marine Le PenExactly one year later to the day, it is both Earth Day and Election Day in Paris, where the French go to the polls following another chilling terrorist attack that boosts the candidacy of far right nationalist candidate Marine Le Pen who would “Make France great again!”

Here on the other side of the Atlantic and across the world, scientists and supporters of science are casting their votes with their feet, signs, and speeches in the wake of the 2016 American election of a climate change-denying President and Congress unravelling the Paris Accord while concentrating of erection of a border wall.

March for ScienceThe March for Sciencestands with Albert Einstein. “We cannot,” said Einstein, “solve our problems with…

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Toward a Deeper Self-Knowledge

Thought provoking….

Views from the Edge

In two days Christian churches will observe Maundy Thursday, focusing on Jesus’s last meal with this disciples, “the Last Supper”.


Reading the Gospel texts afresh each year often raises new questions and, occasionally, yields fresh insight. This year it was a line in Matthew’s text.

Jesus and the twelve apostles are at table. They have all washed their hands before the meal, a ritual practice before the meal. They will all use their hands to eat and share the food in common. All hands must be clean. Or, perhaps, Matthew is referring to the bowl of herbs and spices into which they had all dipped their hands.

Jesus has been speaking of betrayal. “‘Truly, I tell you, one of you will betray me.’ And they were greatly distressed and they began to say him one after another, ‘Surely not I, Lord?’ He answered,

“‘the one who has dipped…

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God’s Counting on Me – Peter Seeger

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It’s been quite a week. Another one’s coming. Pete says God’s counting on us.

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When the “gaggle” gobbles the press

Love that last tine, especially the last parts of it, “gag at the “gaggle” and gobble back at the gobbler.” Reminds me of the turkeys we had on the farm when somebody would come up to talk to my dad, and they would circle around and gobble their two cents into the conversation. .. .sometimes almost as incomprehensible as the turkey’s gobbling..

Views from the Edge

It was just a “gaggle” – an informal off-camera gathering of the press. But it was another small step in the Trump Administration’s war on the press, as reported here by The New York Times.

Little by little the abnormal (alternative facts) creeps forward to become the new normal.  Only a diligent “Fourth Estate” – the free press whose freedoms are guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment – with full access to “government of the people, by the people, and for the people” – stands between democracy and autocracy.

This is serious. Breitbart News, the alt-right news media once headed by White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, was in on the gaggle. It’s enough to make a grown man or woman gag at the “gaggle” and gobble back at the Gobbler.

  • Gordon C. Stewart, Chaska, MN

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Pledging Allegiance

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Yesterday an email from MoveOn invited me to host a gathering as part of a national resistance movement to the soon-to-be U.S. Administration. I began to fill out the form, but something didn’t feel right. I’m not a good groupie, but it was more than that.

The article that appeared in my inbox this morning puts its finger on what feels right and what feels wrong with almost everything I seek to do with respect to the specter of losing most everything for which I’ve worked over a lifetime. Thanks to Michael, the psychologist we met last week on The Nation cruise, for sharing this thoughtful piece. In it’s light, I think I’ll fill out the form and plan a candlelight vigil in the town square. No yelling. No screaming. Just a pledge to, and prayers for, the future.

The sections in green were added to this reposting for those…

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Best Wishes for the Holidays

Love it.

Via Lucis Photography

Life has been so full of changes lately with our move that we have woefully neglected Via Lucis. This is about to change, as PJ and I are planning our Spring trip to France (and possibly England!). Meanwhile, we take this moment to wish each of you peace and a happy holiday season.


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Past time to begin writing again….

Memories of my daughter… Kristin Marie Hoff     and my parents, Chester and Ruth Noren.  She has now joined them, In her early years  she lived with them for a few years, being their ears and…

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