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Past time to begin writing again….

December 3, 2016

Memories of my daughter… Kristin Marie Hoff     and my parents, Chester and Ruth Noren.  She has now joined them,

In her early years  she lived with them for a few years, being their ears and feet. going with Grandpa Chester everywhere  taking over the role I had many years before,  before my Aunt Alma put a stop to it  mostly because she wanted control of me  just as she had bossed  my dad around her whole life.  Especially after she retired from teaching after their mother died in 1956.  This was very painful for both my father and myself…

My “Little Grandma” and I had been very close. Little Grandma and I would gather the eggs from the chicken coop and other things.  I learned some Swedish from her including how to count to 100,  The Lord’s Prayer and some other things.  In her house I learned how to make the bed and many other things.  She would read my books to me as I saat on her lap.

My other grandma, my mother’s mother had passed away when I was three.  She was my “Big Grandma”, being nearly six feet tall in comparison with Little Grandma who was little over 5 foot tall.  Big Grandma was the one who would sit beside my crib when i was little while others were out tending the farm.   I have been told that once I reached a certain age, I liked nothing better than bouncing in my crib and thus vaulting over the railing and landing in her lap giving her a great fright…  Do not remember that but sure can believe it.  I really have no real memories of her…

So when we moved back up to the farm into my grandmother’s house a year after my Aunt’s death,  in 1976 she was a constant part of their lives til Dad passed away in 1982.   And my mother 17 months later in Feb of 1984.  By that time we had moved to Minot and I had returned to Minot State College getting my degree twenty years after I had started.  Then we returned to Minneapolis.  She graduated from Theodore Roosevelt H.S. in Minneapolis.

At twenty she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.  She received the diagnoses April 1, 1994.   We had the joke, that  she kept waiting for them to say, April fools.   Never happened.  It was aggressive from the beginning.

Two years later, in 1996,  Noah was born and  I babysat for the first year and a half while she worked  We had moved to Mounds View at that point.   Noah and I are still close.  Cecilia was born February 15, 2003.  About that time the M.S.. had progressed to the point she went on disability.   After she stepped on an apple wrong  visiting a friend’s apple orchard she went to Health and Rehab of New Brighton for Physical Therapy. A few weeks into it after making good progress, she quickly developed a very high fever, from a hospital acquired infection.  She never was able to return to the mobile home we had purchased for her back in 2000, just before us moving to Chaska. She had  about a year at a group home before returning to HRNB where  she lost her battle with MS.   After her entering  these institutions,  Cecilia was adopted by Don’s youngest brother’s wife’s sister and her husband,  Victoria and Jeff Nelson..  We are all quite close and we are still Grandma and Grandpa.  She just has more of them now.  Noah is attending University of Wisconsin Platteville…and doing well.

My daughter has  entered eternal rest


After 23 plus years fighting Multiple Sclerosis.   In the late hours of Thanksgiving Day, 2016.


Memorial Services will be held 12-9-2016 at
Shepherd of the Hill Church here in Chaska.

Peace my daughter…



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