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To my Father first published 20 years ago.

June 17, 2012

In the Burke County Trivune, Wednesday – June 17th, 1992

In Memory of Chester Noren

February 6, 1901 – June 21, 1982

It has  been ten long years since you left us for heavenly realm.  Mom joined you a year and a half later.Since then there have been so many times I have wished you could have been here to celebrate the changes in our lives, to know I finally followed your advice of your last few month.  Yes, it was meant for my good, I just couldn’t see it then.  Your life and your faith had set such an example for me that I had brought my children back to North Dakota in ’77 so they could learn from you.  My youngest, your only granddaughter still considers you about the most important person in her life.  She graduates this month from high school, and has written about you frequently for her advanced composition class.  Your presence is missed by us, but your love is still felt….

The things I remember:

You coming in from the field on the tractor,

You bringing home the self-propelled swather the first time and cutting circles in the driveway,

You bringing home baby chicks, also the first Guinia chickens,

You taking me to the Flaxton fair, taking me on my first ferris wheel ride,

You and the animals, especially the cows and your favorite old horses,

The first time you let me steer the old Ford pickup – I thought I’s done well til I saw my tracks the next day!!!

Your sense of humor which I shared often to Auntie’s annoyance,

The patient way you would sometimes give me advice, often when taking me to town for some event or another,

Your love for my mother, and the quiet way she looked up to  you and deferred to your wishes,

I remember your unfailing leading of daily devotions and your love of Bible study – and a good argument.

I also remember your willingness to take a stand for your beliefs and unwillingness to compromise them.

You considered others before yourself also, but, stood up for what you believed was yours.

I remember your love of reading and history, education in general and pride in having completed your eigth grade education, although, I had no doubt that by the time I finished high school, you were far better educated than I,  I haven’t learned to read and write Swedish.

Dad, from what you said, I know you saw what I would not admit to, and now I would like to say this:  I now have a happy marriage and know what it means.

Thank you so much for being you.

Love forever

Your daughter, Karin Marie Noren (Mrs. Donald DeLorme

and your grandchildren,

Johan, Erick, and Kristin Hoff

  1. Hi, Karin, beautiful testimony to your love for you Dad. Every father wants to know that he is remembered and loved, and wants, more than anything else, that his children be well and happy.

  2. Those Swedish fathers! At least yours and mine. How strong, how loving, how genuine. This is a lovely tribute.

  3. Sorry it’s taken me so long… Love this writing, reminds me so much of my Dads…!

  4. This is beautiful and so moving, a true pleasure to read. Best wishes…Neil. (p.s. I’ve postsed the words to my poem on my blog, thank you for commenting and leading me here too)…Neil

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